How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer

Spring has arrived on the South Shore, and summer is not far behind it. Winter can be hard on your vehicle, but the blistering heat of summer can be just as hard. Make sure your vehicle is prepared by following our guide to protecting your vehicle during the warm summer months.

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Install Summer or 3-Season Tires

Leaving your winter tires on during the summer months on the South Shore will significantly decrease their lifespan. As soon as the temperature outside is consistently above 7oC, it is time to have your winter tires taken off.

Unsure if your summer tires are good for another season?

Click here to read our helpful guide to quickly and easily check your summer tire tread at home.

Check Coolant Levels

Checking your vehicles' coolant levels and topping it up regularly helps prevent your vehicle from overheating. Be sure to check your Owner's Manual for how often it recommends you should flush the coolant system and replace the fluid.

Did You Know?

Coolant and Antifreeze are essentially the same thing. The main difference is antifreeze is concentrated, and must be mixed with water in a 50/50 ratio before it can be added to your vehicle. Once mixed, it is then referred to as coolant.

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Top Up Fluids

This includes motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid.

Need Help?

Check out our Fixed Op Friday video where we demonstrate step-by-step how to check the windshield washer fluid and coolant levels in your vehicle, and how to fill them if they're low.

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Check Battery

The summer heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate at a higher rate, which can lead to corrosion on the terminals and connections. If you see this buildup, clean it away from the battery terminals and cable clamps to allow the clamps a tight fit.

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Blast the A/C

Ensure the A/C system reaches the maximum (coldest) temperature and that each vent has proper air flow. If it is not maintaining temperature, your refrigerant levels may be low and may need a recharge.

"Besides the obvious cooling on a hot day, is having a working A/C unit in your vehicle really that important?"

It is strongly recommended that you have a functioning A/C system in your vehicle, since having proper air flow doesn't just provide you with an escape from the heat. Cool air can also reduce driver fatigue, thereby increasing driver safety.

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Inspect Your Drive Belts

Examine hoses and drive belts to see how worn they are. Watch out for cracking, soft spots, or any other signs of wear and tear as worn parts are more likely to fail in hot driving conditions.

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Test Tire Pressure

Temperature changes can affect the air levels in your tires. If you combine an overinflated or underinflated tire with hot pavement and brake friction you may get a tire blowout. See your Owner's Manual for proper PSI levels and check all tires, including your spare tire, at least once a month to ensure they are within guidelines. Don't forget to review the treads for any cracks, bulges or signs of uneven wear.

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Inspect Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers face the toughest conditions-from chipping ice and snow in winter to enduring a blistering windshield during summer. Harsh elements can cause them to crack, lose flexibility and become misshaped. As soon as they begin to smear, skip, chitter, or make similar noises, it is time to replace them.

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Update Emergency Kit

Any items that have expired or been used should be discarded and replaced. Consider adding summer items such as emergency sunscreen or a rain poncho.

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Clean and Detail Vehicle

Tree sap, bird droppings, bugs, acid rain and road dust can build up and become corrosive if left on your vehicle's paint too long. In order to prevent damage from occurring, you should wash your vehicle frequently and wax or polish periodically to provide a little extra protection.

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