The Proper Way to Store Your Winter Tires During Summer

If you live in Nova Scotia during the winter season, chances are good that you own a decent set of winter tires. But with the seasons changing, and the time to switch your winter tires out for summer tires fast approaching, you may find yourself scrambling to find space to store them. Continue reading for a simple step-by-step guide for preparing your winter tires for storage, along with the dos and don'ts of selecting a safe and tire-friendly storage location for the entire summer season.

"When should I switch out my winter tires for summer tires?"

Once the average temperature outside is consistently over 7oC, you can have your summer or 3-season tires put on your vehicle.

#1: Clean Your Tires

Before storing your tires, you want to give them a thorough cleaning with a gentle soap and water solution and scrub with a tire brush. It's important to remove any road grime, dirt, brake dust, and old tire dressing, as they can be corrosive if left on during storage. Make sure the tires are completely dried of all moisture before moving on to step #2.

This is also a good time to do an inspection of the entire tire for signs of wear such as cracks, bulges, and uneven tread wear.

Do not apply gloss or dressing (especially one that's is petroleum-based) to your tires prior to storing them. Petroleum-based cleaners may degrade the rubber's weathering agents and/or cause premature cracking.

#2: Bag Your Tires

Place each tire individually into large, airtight plastic bags. It is best if the bags are completely opaque. Ensure the bag and tire are free of moisture, then remove as much air as possible from the bag and seal it shut with tape.

This airtight environment will reduce evaporation of oils from the rubber compounds that make up the tires.

Specific tire storage caddies and tire totes are available, and while they make transporting and storing tires easy and keep them free of grime and dust, they do not provide an airtight environment. If using such bags to store your tires, you should place them inside plastic bags as noted above before putting them inside the totes or caddies.

#3: Choose a Location

When choosing a location to store your tires, there are several things you want to avoid, such as:

∙ Do not store your tires in the direct sunlight. UV rays and the heat from the sun can wreak havoc on the rubber of the tires.
∙ Avoid storing your tires in a place that undergoes a range of temperatures, precipitation, and humidity, such as most garages, sheds, and attics. These fluctuations may shorten the lifespan of your tires.
∙ Never store your tires outside.
∙ Do not store your tires near electric motors that use contact brushes as they generate ozone. This includes generators, compressors, furnaces, switches, sump pumps, and central vacuum cleaners.
∙ Avoid locations that may lead to fluids like solvents, lubricants, and fuels being spilled on the stored tires.

The Best Locations Are Ones That Are:

∙   Climate-controlled
∙   Cool
∙    Dry
∙   Ventilated
∙    Dark (No direct sunlight)
Important Note: If there is a heat source in the space where you're storing your tires, then you must make sure that they are well protected and shielded from the heat.

No space to store your tires?
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#4: Stand, Stack or Hang?

The best way to store your tires depends on whether or not your tires will be mounted on rims when stored, and how much space you have available. Check out our chart to see the best way to store your tires:

*Assuming tires are hung through the rims.

Quick Tip

If you have white on your tires that you want to keep bright, store with like colours against each other (white rubber against white rubber; black rubber against black rubber).

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