How to Protect Your Vehicle During a Hurricane

It's spring and that means the Nova Scotia Hurricane Season is upon us. While many people prepare by freezing jugs of water and strapping down outside furniture, you may be wondering how you can protect your vehicle from the incoming storm. We're here to provide you with the advice you need to gear up your vehicle to weather the next big storm coming your way.

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1. Park Inside

During a storm, the best place for your vehicle is inside your garage where it has protection from all sides from airborne debris. When this isn't possible, you want to choose a spot with as much coverage as possible, like under an overhead cover or next to a building, in order to avoid leaving your vehicle fully exposed. Avoid parking anywhere near trees, powerlines, or anything that could fall on your vehicle.

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2. Park On Higher Ground

If you live in an area susceptible to flooding, then you want to make sure your vehicle is parked at a higher elevation. While it's not the best-case scenario to be separated from your vehicle during a hurricane, a flooded vehicle is not much use either.

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3. Have a Full Gas Tank

Filling up your vehicle's gas tank is an important step in being prepared for whatever the storm throws your way. Whether you find yourself needing to do an emergency evacuation, or the gas stations are out of commission post-storm, you'll be glad when you aren't scrambling to find a way to fill an empty tank.

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4. Avoid Driving Through Floods

Not all vehicles have the ability to drive through up to 30 inches of moving water like the Jeep Gladiator can after all. If you have to drive during a hurricane, your best bet is to avoid driving through water that you don't know the exact depth of. A miscalculation can result in a stalled engine or even your vehicle becoming permanently undriveable. Even slow moving or standing water can be deceivingly deep. Instead, keep to roads that you know and be prepared to take detours.

When it's not possible to store your vehicle in a closed-in garage, follow these steps to prepare your vehicle for staying outside:

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Before the Storm Hits...

1.Fill up the gas tank. This is important in case you find yourself needing to evacuate, or if the gas stations are out of commission post-storm.
2.Remove any important documents and personal belongings from inside your vehicle.
3.Set the hand brake to brace the vehicle.
4.Tightly close and lock all the vehicle doors and windows.
5.Seal edges with tape for added protection, but avoid using anything too strong as it could damage the paint or interior.
6.Cover glass and lights with foam and tape to protect them from debris. Make sure the tape is not too strong to avoid it damaging your paint.
7.Use a car cover and double up where possible.

Quick Tip

Before the hurricane hits, take pictures of your vehicle from all angles with the time and date stamped on them. This is so you have before and after pictures, just in case you need to make an insurance claim after the storm.

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If the Worst Should Occur...

And your vehicle is damaged during a storm, our Collision Centre is here to help. We provide free estimates, and can arrange towing, a rental vehicle, and direct billing to your insurance company.

Contact CSN Saunders Collision Centre by phone at 1-888-313-1325, by email at, or visit our website here.

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